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Welcome to Solar Homes

Save with Solar

From only R1 840 per month

Save on your electricity bill

Solar power is now cheaper than most other sources of electricity in South Africa. With a payback period of only a few years installing a solar system has become a profitable investment.

Reduce your carbon footprint

You can make a difference to the environment by going solar and reducing your reliance on coal, oil and nuclear power.

Beat loadshedding

Tired of having your life interrupted by loadshedding? Not for long. Once you have a solar power system your loadshedding troubles will be over.

Solar for your home

An all in one solar contract for your home at an affordable monthly price.

What you get

We help you save on your electricity costs, reduce your carbon footprint and avoid loadshedding.

Solar Installation

Site assessment, system design and system installation.

Energy Optimisation

Energy audits and usage reduction technologies.

Solar Financing

Arrange financing for your solar power system.

Solar Monitoring

Live dashboard of your solar power usage and savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

We cover many types of roof, but not all. When you apply, we will be able to tell you if we are able to assist.

As a rule of thumb, you can use all your essential appliances during loadshedding. Essential appliances include lights, TV, internet, fridge and alarm system.

Our solution will reduce your costs. In some months, the savings will be limited (potentially negative if your consumption is very low) and larger in others. How much you save depends on your consumption, and how much the installation produces. But do not worry, the future looks great for solar users.

The installation will give you electricity for several decades. In this period, the electricity prices will increase, because of inflation and also because Eskom has to compensate for the loss of income due to reduced demand and to their high debt. This means that the math should improve over time.

Our solution is thus great for your pockets, and also for the environment. With us, you avoid the initial cost of capital, and you will save for years.

No problem here. We have qualified installers which will choose the right components for the weather conditions where you live.
All solutions include applications, necessary hardware and installation.
We use tier one components from reliable manufacturers. They are of high quality, have good guarantee schemes and are produced with a focus on sustainability.
Our solution will make a serious dent in how much electricity you purchase from the grid, but does not take you off-grid.
Once you have placed your order and completed all requirements (signed contract, credit check and debit order mandate) we will reach out to schedule your installation date.
We recommend being at home or available on the phone on the installation date to make the process as smooth as possible. Also, if you are in an estate, we recommend you check the application process before the installation is scheduled.

The installation takes place on a date confirmed by you.

The solar panels will be mounted on your roof by a team of installers. This normally takes 1-2 days depending on your roof size and site accessibility.

The electrician then connects the system to your db board and puts the system into operation.

What Our Clients Say

Since Solar Homes installed our solar system it has helped to bring down our electricity bill dramatically. From start to finish and beyond the service has been second to none. They explained how the system would work and recommend the package that would best suit our needs. During the day we can still use the pool pump, washing machine, dish washer and irrigation system all at once without making use of Eskom’s power. I would highly recommend them.
Table View, Cape Town
We got our solar system a year ago and we love it. The team is Cape Town based, and they really know their stuff, reliable, fully qualified and, most importantly, contactable after installation for queries, issues, etc. We have had no serious issues and have never looked back. We are no longer at Eskom's mercy. These guys couldn't come more highly recommended.
Table View, Cape Town

How to get started

Let us know that you're interested

Answer a few questions to find out how much it will cost, how much you could save and if you qualify for financing.
  • Site Visit

    We will do a full site inspection to determine whether your home is suitable for a solar power system.

  • Energy Audit

    We will analyse your energy usage patterns to determine how you can save the most on your monthly bill.

  • Installation Quote

    We will provide you with a free, no obligations quote for installing a solar power system in your home.

  • Financing Application

    We will provide you with options and recommendations for financing your solar power system.

I'm Interested

Quality Guarantee

We take care of all monitoring, optimisation, maintenance & support. You simply enjoy the benefits of reliable, stress-free & uninterrupted power.

High quality components

We only source components from the most reputable manufactures to ensure that the system can last for decades.

Electrical certificate

We issue a certificate of compliance (COC) that assure that the electrician who performed the installation has complied with the rules and regulations that are in place.

SSEG registration

We register your system. By law, all small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) systems must be authorised and registered with the municipality they are located in.